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lundi, novembre 26, 2007

Winter Fashion Necessity: Cozy Sweaters

Anthropologie, Wrapped Up Cardigan, $168

Theory, Verdana Sweater Coat, $295

J.Crew, Lofy Alpaca Shawl-collar Sweater, $88

6 commentaires:

Sage a dit…

i just discovered theory and ive fallen in love with it even though i dont own a single clothing... i love your blog anyway!! would you like to exchange links?

Cris Lazoru a dit…

Oh how gorgeous is that first sweater!


The Clothes Horse a dit…

That anthropologie sweater is just gorgeous.

Sage a dit…

Fine i'll add you! by the way im sorry to say thaqt you shouldnt be jealous (about me living in Greece) everyone is like 3 years back fashion-wise and if I want to buuy smth its not like theyre gonna have it in any of the stores! i have to order it from the internet

The Fashionista a dit…

I love sweaters! The Anthropolgie sweater is so nice... Ooh, I think the second sweater paired with dark skinny jeans would be great - then add the riding boots!

Eric a dit…

I love the Anthropologie sweaters. Stunning! Gap also has several this season that are worth looking into.