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mercredi, janvier 02, 2008

Observations on French Style

I'm back from Paris and already missing all things French! I successfully navigated the metro system and was even able to put years of French classes into practical use. Visiting the amazing art museums located within the city was certainly one of the highlights of my trip - from the Pompidou Centre to the Musee d'Orsay to the Louvre (of course!) - I was able to see in person all of the stunning works of art that I had previously only seen in textbooks.

Needless to say, seeing French fashion up close and personal was also an exciting aspect of my stay. I am always impressed by the impeccable style of Parisians young and old. Essential components of the "French look," if you can call it that, include knee-high leather boots, black opaque tights, casually draped scarves, and yes, lots and lots of black and dark grey, along with small bursts of accent colors. Layering is key, especially in cold weather.

Just an interesting observation - I found it so refreshing to see girls with "natural" looking hairstyles in Paris. In the U.S., the popular look seems to be either stick straight or perfectly styled, whereas the standard in France is long and wavy, deliberately unstyled.

By the way, thanks to everyone who commented on my last post with advice and suggestions on my scrapbooking venture! I have finally gotten together all of my photos, maps, and various other papers and will officially start my project tomorrow. I will be sure to let all of you know how it goes! Plus, you can expect to see more regular posting now that I am back home for the rest of winter break. Thanks for visiting!

Bon Annee!

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Anonyme a dit…

Ah, I visited Paris in 2006 and have been missing it since the day I got back. Was it your first time there? I love their fashion too! Peace and love, happy new year!

Ceci n'est pas une blogger. a dit…

No, it wasn't my first time in Paris. I hadn't been there since I was very young though, so I didn't remember very much from my previous trips! Bon Annee!

jill a dit…

oooh très chic indeed :) sounds like you had a pretty merveilleux time :)

LML a dit…

im in love with paris... my trip there is something i will never forget! and yes the women there old and young are superb dressers!

Christine a dit…

LOVE that last look. And I do adore French style in part because it's the anti- LA style: totally natural, unique, not much fake anything!

B a dit…

Mon dieu! The first girl in the robe-ish jacket est absolument eblouissante!!

I will have to find or make something like this stateside!

Mind if I steal this photo for my blog??