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mardi, février 05, 2008

Bloch Now Available at Shopbop?

Luxury Ballet Flat, $170 at shopbop.com

As I was browsing Shopbop yesterday, I happened to notice the name of a designer I had never seen before on the website's comprehensive listing. Of course, I recognized the name Bloch as one of my favorite dancewear brands, but I didn't really think that the maker of my humble canvas slippers was really selling its wares on Shopbop. Sure enough, however, the $170 "Luxury Ballet Flats" seen above were produced by the same designer who supplies me with my $14 canvas ballet slippers. To be honest, I'm still just a little confused. Aiming high, Bloch?

Round Toe Ballet Slipper, $14.05 at discountdance.com

4 commentaires:

La Belette Rouge a dit…

Do you wear them to dance in or just for house slippers?
p.s. did you see I linked to you on my blog? Thanks for suggesting the link exchange :-)

Ceci n'est pas une blogger. a dit…

Haha, to clear that up, yes I am a ballet dancer so I wear them to class. So it was funny for me to see the Bloch name attached to "luxury" shoes.

Perfect - I just added you to my links!

PrincessPolly a dit…

I find those sort of prices for ballet pump type shoes ridiculous. These are something I have started to buy a lot of purely because of their cheap prices, and to see them being sold at 100 quid or thereabouts just doesn't make sense.

indie a dit…

Apparently the "luxury" ballet flats are really good quality wise!