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lundi, novembre 19, 2007

Project Runway

I am always so busy Monday-Friday that I am forced to relegate TV-watching to the weekends. That's why I just finished watching the premiere of Season 4 of Project Runway, even though it aired on Wednesday night! I think it's safe to say that I am hooked. The only minor inconvenience is that I have to watch episodes in 10-minute clips on Youtube, since I don't have a cable TV in my dorm.

Getting to the actual show, I was relieved to see that the producers avoided a "gimmicky" first project this season. I always sensed some sort of injustice in eliminating talented designers based on problems working with garbage and gardening supplies. It makes infinitely more sense to establish the designers' relative skill in working with real fabric from the outset.

With that said, I honestly was impressed by Rami's dress. It was the epitome of simplicity and elegance, and it brought to mind images of a classical Greek goddess (I am choosing to overlook the rosette detail). However, my favorite to win is without a doubt Christian. I felt that his look embodied an international, high-fashion sensibility and delivered a fresh, modern, and young perspective.

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