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mercredi, novembre 21, 2007

Trend Watch: Bold Necklaces

I love the idea of pairing a solid-colored top with a really bold, bright-colored necklace. When the two tones are from opposing color families, the contrast really brings out the full strength and intensity of each of the colors, as in this perfect example from J.Crew.

This reminds me that I need to update my jewelry collection with some really fun, statement-making necklaces. I tend to buy lots of delicate, dangly earrings while neglecting more dramatic pieces like over-sized necklaces.

Even better, I would love to learn how to design and make my own jewelry. It seems as if I am constantly commenting, "I could make that myself" whenever I see especially overpriced jewelry pieces, but I have never taken the initiative to actually do just that. Does anyone have any advice on jewelry-making? Motivational photos of creative jewelry projects? Fabulous bead/jewelry supply stores in New York?

4 commentaires:

atelier a dit…

I love the colours of the necklace

The Clothes Horse a dit…

No real jewelry-construction advice--I just turn random pieces into pendants and string on chains. The bold colors are so right in that picture.

Kappa a dit…

love the color mixture. i too find myself saying i could make the jewelry, or at least look for a cheaper lookalike, but i always seem to forget.
very nice blog! :) x

In Yr Fshn a dit…

I like Beads of Paradise (16 E 17th Street). It's a little pricey, but the beads are great quality and the salespeople are helpful.