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mercredi, décembre 12, 2007

The Sartorialist

I am absolutely loving the latest street style pictures on the Sartorialist! These photographs seem to not only capture the unique style of individuals but also to unite far-flung cities in their common appreciation of fashion and creativity. I love to see how each person photographed interprets "trends" and incorporates fashion into his/her own daily lifestyle. And as much as we all love the glamour of high-fashion, I find it so much easier to identify with a "real" person exhibiting a day-to-day style as it relates to the atmosphere of the city.

With that said, I found this photograph particularly memorable. Besides the stunning background of Christmas trees and holiday lights, I love how this girl has put together a practical (read: warm!) outfit that also embodies the festive holiday spirit. Makes me want to grab a thick woolen scarf and cozy peacoat!

3 commentaires:

jayne a dit…

don't forget to add makes you wanna grab a cup of cocoa too ;) hehe, yes i adore the sart too, he's this perfect mix of high fashion and street style, b/c he picks people who see the runways and somehow incoporate it into their own lives with or without actually buying the couture.

Rollergirl a dit…

Mmm, me too. I have a whole folder on my desktop of 'looks I want to rip off from The Sartorialist'. PS -thanks for your comment on my blog!

teenfashionista a dit…

That coat is just GORGEOUS!
I want!