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lundi, décembre 10, 2007

Holiday Decorating: 3D Paper Snowflake

I found a website with really simple instructions to make amazing 3D snowflakes. They're surprisingly easy to make, but the end result is stunning! I made one in about 15 minutes to hang in my dorm room window for the holidays. I'm already thinking of all the possibilities to decorate and embellish these snowflakes (different colored paper, glitter, small silver bells, the list is endless).

4 commentaires:

cotton candy a dit…

damn it! i love you so for finding such a fab website!! love love love. my youngest sister will be so happy when i teach her some techniques.

jayne a dit…

ooo awesome, though i still know that despite a how-to guide i'll be completely hopeless haha

la petite fashionista a dit…

wow great minds think alike.. i was DEFINITELY making paper snowflakes last night for my dorm room haha <3 i must try the 3-d version:)

atelier a dit…

they're awesome! Actually, I was thinking about doing something similar to put on my dorm's door, so, thanks.