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samedi, décembre 08, 2007

Tory Burch

So, I'm considering purchasing a pair of Tory Burch ballet flats. Even though these shoes were ubiquitous in New York this fall (seriously, it seemed as if everyone and their mother was wearing a pair of black Tory Burches!), I can't help thinking that they really complement my style. I normally shy away from large logos in favor of more discreet designer items, but I have to admit that I find myself really liking these! Of course, I am a huge fan of the ballet flat and love adding to my collection. Other than that, the elasticized back is perfect for making sure that the shoes don't fall off of my narrow heels. Plus, there is a pretty wide range of colors and styles available, so you can wear a trendy item and still set yourself apart with a daring color choice.

OK, so I've made my argument in favor of Tory Burch flats. Now, I'm interested to hear your opinions! Are you for or against?

Reva Ballet Flats, Tory Burch, $195

3 commentaires:

MENTAL (Sage) a dit…

im for because i love the design but im against because I always hate anything that you see every where you glance !!

Anonyme a dit…

i'm not a big fan of them because they're absolutely everywhere, i was in NYC this fall and at saks the two sales girls were like "omg, jessica you and i have the same shoes, oh and anna has another pair of tory's, isn't that awesome!?" needless to say jessica wasn't too happy haha

Ceci n'est pas une blogger. a dit…

So overall I agree with both of you. I think the biggest (only?) downside is that everyone seems to have a pair =( But I ended up getting a pair anyway because I really wanted navy ballet flats and I was able to get them at 50% off!