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samedi, janvier 12, 2008

Style Inspiration: Anthropologie

Without a doubt, my fellow Anthro addicts will understand my obsession with the outfits section of the website. I always love to see the stylish, quirky, and girly combinations the fashionable people at Anthropologie always manage to come up with. What I find so interesting is that you don't necessarily need to buy the specific items featured in the outfits (although the pieces are so beautiful I usually find myself rushing to the store to get my hands on them!). Typically, I can find items in my closet to layer or mix in the same way the pieces in the outfit are combined to get the same feeling.

And I just had to add this last picture, because it combines two of my favorite things - shoes and books! Plus I love the vibrant colors and vintage feeling.

4 commentaires:

Tessa E a dit…

the "perfect a soufflé" and "see more matinées" dresses are adorable! your blog is great; i'll be coming back! :)

Anonyme a dit…

i didnt know thye had a outfits section.... i will def check that out

AFitz a dit…

Love the last picture, and love Anthropologie. Wished they had some in Canada!

LML a dit…


that picture is really cool too!