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mardi, janvier 08, 2008

Bringing Paris Back Home

One of my favorite interior design/decoration catalogues has to be Ballard Designs. I love flipping through the pages to admire the stylish rooms accented with interesting details like vintage prints and decorative items collected from world travels. I spotted this unique perspective shot from underneath the Eiffel Tower in the most recent catalogue, along with a completely adorable (and affordable!) door stop in the shape of the Tour Eiffel. Perfect for francophiles like me who want to bring a little bit of Paris back home to New York!
Le Base de la Tour Eiffel Print, $279.95

Eiffel Tower Doorstop, $29.95

7 commentaires:

indie a dit…

That door stop is funny :D

Taschens Paris Interiors is one of my favorite books and I love going through those French magazines with apartments and second houses on sale!

Anonyme a dit…

ooo definitely loving it all

Anonyme a dit…

I lovelovelove that print! Definitely brings a piece of Paris into your own house, and I'm all for that!

Anonyme a dit…

Goodness, your trip to Paris sounds so fun. I'm jealous!

I really like that black light fixture / whatever it is to the right of the print. So delicately moody.

Sage a dit…

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LML a dit…

my mom gets that catalogue! i love to look at it, beacuse of the endless ways they use eiffel towers.

haha francophiles, i love that word :)

whimsical nerd a dit…

Ballard is lovely, I especially like its art nouveau inspired stuff.

Thanks for stumbling upon my blog, I added your link. :)