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lundi, janvier 07, 2008

Trend: Chain-Link Prints

Silk chainlink wrap dress, $148
Silk chainlink skirt, $78Links-print merino cardigan, $110
Links-print silk tank dress, $140

It's 50 degrees and sunny outside in New York today, and this beautiful weather has put me in the mood to shop for spring clothing! As I was browsing the spring collections over at Banana Republic and J. Crew earlier, I couldn't help but notice one particular print that kept popping up - chain links!

What was interesting to me was how this same pattern worked so perfectly for two compeltely different styles and sensibilities. Banana Republic's classic, work-friendly wrap dresses and tailored skirts looked chic and sophisticated in this modern print. On the other hand J. Crew's cardigan and silk tank dress looked preppy and quirky in this print when casually styled with cute shorts and flats.

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