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lundi, novembre 19, 2007

Rainy Day Fashion

It's another cold, rainy, and dreary day in New York -- the kind of day when you would love to stay in bed and read, not get up and go to a lecture. Sound familiar?

At the very least, I can cheer myself up by remembering the cute and cheerful options for rainy day fashion! Whenever it looks like it's going to rain, I pull out my chic Kenneth Cole trench coat (I'm usually against "must-haves," but I really do believe that every girl needs a great, classic trench coat in her wardrobe).

I also love seeing the array of colorful rainboots that crop up in New York when it rains. I searched out this particular Pucci pair for weeks with no luck, but I always spot at least one fashionable lady wearing them whenever it rains. Do you think it would be awkward to attempt buying them off some girl's feet?! Well, I guess that I will have to content myself with my own cute pair from Urban Outfitters.

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Letitia a dit…

you have great taste! i actually saw these boots on amazon not too long ago for a price you wouldnt believe....so how did you find my blog? thanks for visiting, i will link u if you want :)